Thursday, August 21, 2008

technical difficulties!

UGH, We'll we moved in June and seeing we moved to just this side of the middle of nowhere we don't have a great internet connection. I'm using Sierra Wireless through ATT wireless. We used Wild Blue Satelite internet and immediately cancelled our contract with them. Anyways... Updates....

We live in a 3 bedroom house.. its just a normal no frills house on 10 acreas now and have our 5 alpacas and a baby alpaca due sometime really soon. We named the little boy who was born in june Cody, I think his registered name will be NLAP Secret Decoder Ring.. LOL. We also now have a Quater Horse named Buddy and a Shetland Pony mix named Jedi. We are hoping to get another big horse soon and a few miniature ponies and the kids each want a goat! We've been busy thats how sure.

Seeing our internet isnt so great I'm having blogging problems .. I can't get my pictures from my blackberry to download to my computer but they will download to my husbands computer... BUT the internet isnt working on his computer.. UGH!!! So.. I think I have to email the pictures to myself from my blackberry and save them on my computer...

School starts Sept 2nd... so does work. I'm not sure I'm ready to go back to work... sigh

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Food Frustrations!!

Ok.. I give up!!! Kylie is the pickiest eater EVER!! I don't know how she got this way. She started out breastfed, introduced solid foods just like I was suppose to, She ate great as a baby.... but somewhere in Toddlerhood something went wrong!!!! She can't even stand the sight of most foods... she's 6 1/2 yrs old and you'd swear she was 2 yrs old throwing a tantrum at the dinner table.

ANYTHING green, even green candy!
ALL vegetables exept corn
ALL fruits except apples and occassionally she'll eat a bananna or frozen purple grapes
ALL berries
ALL juices except apple... wont even drink an Apple blend.
MOST cheeses.. occassionally she'll eat a piece of string cheese
Peanut Butter
Jelly-any flavor
mashed potatos, french fries, baked potatos, tater tots.. will eat McCain's Smiles, Waffle fries and potato wedges from KFC
baked beans
salad dressing ( although she doesn't eat anything that you would put it on anyways!)
pasta-any pasta.. but will occassionally eat a few bites of mac and cheese ( white cheddar only)
anything "minty"
anything "spicy"
anything that is more than 1 color, more than 1 texture or more than 1 food.

Will Eat:
nutella ( gross!!!)
bread ( as long as it doesnt have grainy things in it)
chicken - baked, fried, nuggets, breasts, legs
turkey- white meat only
ground beef -plain ( when we eat tacos or sloppy joes i have to save her some before i add the spices)
steak ( LOVES steak)
pork - pork chops
rice cakes ( cheddar only)
grahm crackers
vanilla icecream ( no toppings)
hard salami
hotdogs ( usually cold... GROSS)
LOTS of milk
cereal - cheerios, kix, rice krispies
beef jerky -- or pretty much any other kid of smoked meat

Thats about it.... and i REALLy had to think about it to get that long of a really makes having a picnic a PITA...

Plus because her diet.. well it sucks.. I can't think of a better word LOL .. she gets constipated and has to take milk of magnesia every couple of days.

For the record, Chase is a WONDERFUL eater.. he'll eat pretty much anything except Lettuce or Onions.. he was a picky eater but grew out of it by the time he was 5.. but he was NEVER as bad as his sister.

Yesterday while at the store we were talking about how she has to eat better or she's going to get sick and her brother talked her into getting Orange Juice... so I bought the kid kind, ya know the kind with all the extra vitamins in it.. she said she was going to drink it. This morning with her cereal i poured her a small glass ( really small) of OJ and she dipped her finger in it and tasted it and made a horrible face and proceeded to try to get me to drink it for her LOL. She mentioned she wanted ice cream... well I dont normally give her ice cream for breakfast ( nice try thouh LOL).. but i told her that if she drank all the OJ she COULD have ice cream.. i fully expected her to throw her usual temper tantrum and end up spilling her drink and her running to her room screaming about how i hate her because i want her to drink orange juice ( yeah, thats how it usually goes) ... but instead she asked for a straw and took another drink.. and made a face and said she couldnt do it. So i told her DONT DO IT.. I dont want you to have ice cream anyways.. I want it ALL for me!!! And I told her that she should dump it out that it was horrible and that I didnt want to share my ice cream. She wouldnt let me!!! She ended up drinking the OJ, it took her over an hor to drink what was probably only 3 ounces of OJ if that! But she did it! I told her grandma that she drank OJ for the first time today and grandma asked how it was and kylie said " ABSOLUTELY HORRIBLE!!! "

Sunday, June 8, 2008

It's a BOY!!!!!

Our first Cria (baby alpaca) was born last sunday June 1st and it was a beautiful boy!! Here's some pictures from his first day... we haven't named him yet.
We also got a Guardian Livestock puppy yesterday. She's a great Pyrenees/Maremma and she sure is a cutie, it's gonna be hard to not spoil her rotten. I'll post pics of her as soon as i take some...Oh, her name is Angel.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Found a few more....

<---- My "sensory child" examining the pizza to make sure it's safe to eat.

<------ VICTORY!!!!! Over what ?? No One knows!

<----- Kylie and Isabella conquering the slide!

<--- Kylie, Isabella and some other girl. Kylie can spin all day on this tire swing and never get dizzy.... apparently the "other girl" has the opposite problem :p

<--- Me!!! Being silly for Ashley who is 10 and was taking "poppa rotzi" pictures... and No, those are NOT my gigantic glasses!

Pics from the weekend

<---- Kylie and her best friend Isabella at Kids Kove Park, Friday night after school. My 2 kids and my friend Lindsey's 3 kids played for 4 hours and we ordered pizza to be delivered to the park!

<-------- Saturday morning at MagiQuest. The kids spent 4 hours running up and down stairs click objects with their wands while on their Quests. Here is Kylie getting her first Quest. She is now a Jr Magi and is so proud to have more points then her older video game addicted brother.

<---- Chase getting his Quest.
<---- YAY! We found the red crystal!!!
<---- Chase battling the Dragon.
Saturday night we went to The Cherry Bowl Drive In with Lindsey and 2 of her kids. Here is Kylie and Isabella trying to stay warm before the movie started.
Couldn't get a good picture of Chase and Brandon to share because they didn't hold still longer than 3 seconds and my camera just isn't that fast!

Monday, May 12, 2008

here comes the pictures!!!

OK, the pictures didn't load in the order I wanted but I'll just have to make it work :)

<------ Here Chase is in the Alpaca Field at the Farm we went to last weekend to purchase our Alpacas. Chase is so excited and wasn't intimidated at all. He just loves all animals

<------ This is The State Of Michigan, the Great Lakes Maritime Academy's training vessel. Drew's on this ship right now (and in the picture). The Ship is just leaving it's dock on West Grand Traverse Bay

<----- Sitting at the dock getting ready to leave for a 2 week tour.

<----- "Reggie" who Kylie has named "Cosmo". He's our 6 mo old Male Haucaya Alpaca and will be Kylie's 4H project next year. He looks brown but is actually Black and VERY soft and sweet.

<---- "Petey" who Chase has named "Anakin" is another 6 mo old male haucaya alpaca that we just purchased. He will be Chase's 4H project next year. Here he is standing with his mom, both boys will be weaned this week.
<----- "Camilla" is our 10 yr old female Haucaya Alpaca and she's pregnant and due in June. We just purchased her also ( she's the one sticking her head up). We will also be getting her Cria (baby). We will be picking all 4 up in August after we have moved and gotten the barn and fencing in order.

<------ Kylie is playing with her toys!!!! Seriously, I HAD to get a picture of this momentous occassion!!! Normally she is following 2 inches behind me saying " I'm bored, I don't know what to do!"

<---- Chase at Track Practice. He HAD to do Hurdles : ) He did make it over a few times :) He tries so hard, I just love him.
<--- First, I live in a real house and I have a real family and Dishes NEVER come first.. so excuse the dirty dishes in the sink :) Here's the story. We had just picked Yoda up a few days before this ( he looks so much healthier now) and all of a sudden I didn't know where he was. We were calling for him and calling for him and we looked under the beds and everything. Finally I caught a puffy little white blob out of the corner of my eye and found him.. He was walked across the back of the couch, on to the breakfast bar, across the stove, down the counter and fell into the kitchen sink and couldnt jump back out! Silly dog.... He thinks he's a cat!
<---- My parents brought this home for Chase, Because apparently we don't have enough animals to feed..... This is when we first got him, he's in a comfy tank and is well taken care of now.. he's a farm raised red ear slider baby and I think Chase named him "Bob"


Since when did 1st and 2nd graders wear Bras??? While at Target with Kylie the other day she informed me that 2 of her friends wore bras and that she thought that was cool. I at first said, "you mean undershirts?" and she said "No, bras!". Ok these are 7 and 8 yr olds! Kylie is still only 6 and she's of the thin/atheletic build side of things and her 2 friends are a little bigger than her but they are by no means preteens. Kylie acted like she wanted one but I told her she was too young for one and she didnt need one and when she was older she could get one. I dunno, something just feels wrong about letting a 1st grader wear a bra. I let her buy a new pack of camisole undershirts instead and some cool socks :) I'm not ready to let her grow up that fast!